How to Fix Your Gas Wall Furnace

If you are having difficulties with your gas-wall-furnace and wondering how to fix it, then the first thing that comes to mind is to call a repair person. There are different reasons why a furnace may be in bad condition. Also, you have to consider the number of times the furnace has had to work hard. Before you approach a professional, you should try to determine if there is a problem before trying to rectify it.


First of all, you need to determine the reason for the malfunction of your gas-wall-furnace. Is it the air conditioning unit? Is it the refrigerator? It could also be an issue with the fuel delivery system, or it could be an electrical issue. Before you make a decision, you should take note of all the common issues.


The first place to check is the air filter on the furnace. This is a fairly simple job. You can do it yourself. However, you should ensure that you wipe down the filter to remove any soap scum or dust. If the filter is dirty, you will have difficulty in getting it cleaned, thus making the machine run less efficiently.


Next, you should inspect the bottom of the filter. There may be small holes in the filter, which could result in a dirty vent. You should replace the filter on the furnace and then follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. Most manufacturers advise that you should replace the filter every two years.


If the problem is with the furnace, you will have to turn off the power to the furnace. Make sure that you secure the appliance in a place where it cannot be disturbed. During this procedure, you should make sure that the faucets are all closed. If you have a unit that has a preheater, you need to close this as well.


Once you have secured the furnace and turned off the power to it, you should turn off the air conditioning unit. For those that have thermostats, you should unplug it so that the temperatures of the rooms are not affected. This is because most air conditioning units have a fixed temperature range.


You need to examine the wiring inside the furnace. You should make sure that the plug that is installed does not interfere with any wires in the gas-wall-furnace. Take note of the wiring so that you do not have to dig it out when the time comes.


When you find out the reason behind the malfunction of your wall furnace, you should contact the manufacturer immediately. You can contact them via phone or send them a message through their website.